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2022 Summer Intensive

June 6th - June 24th

No audition needed for kids ages 3 to 11.
For students ages 12 and up, to audition, please email headshot, photo in first arabesque, and a video showing center, barre work, (and pointe work for females age 12-20).  Students currently enrolled in Arizona School of Classical Ballet's school do not have to audition for summer intensive.

We will also offer our a virtual program for those who need to take classes from home.  It will be the same class as offered in the studio live.

Please email or call 602-494-3400 for more information.

Current Students

Level Placement for Current Students 

If for the 2021-2022 School Year, your child was in:                            For 2022 Summer Intensive your child will be in:

                             Level A or B                                                                                                         Ballet is Fun

                                 Level C                                                                                                              Intro to Ballet

                            Levels 1 or 2                                                                                                          Junior Level

                                 Level 3                                                                                                              Intermediate Level

                            Intermediate                                                                                                      Intermediate Level

                           Pre-Advanced                                                                                                     Adv. / Pre-Pro Level

                              Advanced                                                                                                          Adv. / Pre-Pro Level

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