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2019 Summer Intensive 

June 3rd to 21st 
ASCB  Faculty:  Hagop Kharatian, Irina Abramyan, Yumi La Rosa, Sabina Valic, Arion Tanabe, and Susan Farse
Guest Teachers 2019: Roudolf Kharatian, Oscar Hawkins, Sona Kharatian






































Three weeks of intensive training in different forms of dance will be offered in the summer.

Students will have a great opportunity to study with an international faculty as well as meet  new frends.     

    Classes: students ages 3 through pre-professional will be placed in a level appropriate to her or his previous dance experience and age.          

Placement classes: will be held from February 1st through May 26th for non-ASCB students age 7-up

Please call the school to schedule a free placement class  @  602-494-3400 .



"iDance Program" - Preparatory levels (3-6)

Ballet is Fun

Intro to Ballet


"BALLET INTENSIVE" - Junior/Intermediate/Advanced levels (7-20)

Ballet Technique







Musical Theater

Dance History





















Video Audition Requirements


The video audition must be recorded after March 2018, should be 10 minutes in length, and must include the following steps:  Barre, facing camera:  plies, tendu & degage, fondue & developpe, and grand battements. All combinations front, side and back.  Center: adagio, en dehors and en dedans pirouettes, petite and grand allegro. Pointe (for girls): echappe-passe combination, pique turns from the corner.  Advanced boys:  entrechat six, tour en l’air, turns in a la seconde.  Girls should be in a black leotard, no skirt, and on pointe, if applicable.  Boys should wear a white t-shirt and black tights.  Application must also include a photo in first arabesque. The recorded audition should include a full body close-up of the student stating their name.  Please contact  Hagop Kharatian and Irina Abramyan, at or call 602-494-3400, for more information.  Video auditions may be mailed to Arizona School of Classical Ballet 20820 N. 25th Place Ste #110-112 Phoenix AZ 85050.




*PLEASE NOTE: Summer Intensive Program is included into annual tuition for ASCB Preparatory and full Academic program students (Options A, A Plus, B and C) registered at least for three consecutive sessions before program starts (sessions 6, 7 and 8). Summer Intensive Program tuition will be pro-rated for other students. (Please see the School office for the details).

Level Placement for Current Students 

If for the 2017-2018 School Year, your child was in:                                   In 2018 Summer Intensive your child will be in:

                             Level A or B                                                                                                              Ballet is Fun class in the I DANCE PROGRAM

                                 Level C                                                                                                                  Intro to Ballet class in the I DANCE PROGRAM

                            Levels 1 or 2                                                                                                           Junior Level in the BALLET INTENSIVE PROGRAM

                                 Level 3                                                                                                       Intermediate Level in the BALLET INTENSIVE PROGRAM

                            Intermediate                                                                                                  Intermediate Level in the BALLET INTENSIVE PROGRAM

                           Pre-Advanced                                                                                                 Pre-Adv. / Adv Level in the BALLET INTENSIVE PROGRAM

                         Pre-Professional                                                                                               Pre-Adv. / Adv Level in the BALLET INTENSIVE PROGRAM

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