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ASCB students may participate in productions during the school season. If you would like your child to participate in Annual Spring Performance, please specify it on the registration form. Students, who are interested in participation in the performances, will receive a Performance Participation Packet.

The Annual Spring Performance rehearsals will commence in the beginning of February.

Rehearsals may precede class time or being scheduled after class and will be charged extra (rehearsal fee). Please see the class schedule for Weekly rehearsal days indicated. The detailed schedule will be given upon registration.

Annual Spring Performance Participation Application and Registration deadline is first week of February.  Please fill out Performance Participation Application and Registration form and return them with your Rehearsal fee to the office not later than February 6th.

Financial Requirements to Performing students: Performance Participation Fees will apply for each production. Performance Participation fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. Performance participation fees consist three parts:

•   Rehearsal fee              • Costume Rental fee          • Theater fee (Guaranteed tickets program).

(Please see Performance Participating Packet for the details)

Due to choreography planning and the costume ordering process, any student who would like to change the option of classes in the Spring semester needs to notify the office no later than December 1st.

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